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My focus used to be on making computer games for my awesome fans. Now my focus is on narration and voice work for my awesome fans. I also enjoy doing global licensing. Life is pretty neato.


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stewardhklarlover's News

Posted by stewardhklarlover - July 3rd, 2020

Yo, Larry Shinlarro is back in the house, my peeps! It's been years, hasn't it? Well, my wife and I moved to an awesome new place. And guess what? Queen Shinlarro is pregnant! Yup, my wife is pregnant with our first kid. So you can imagine why I haven't really been posting as recently. He's gonna be a boy. Oh yeah! So glad it's a boy, although I would've been happy with a girl, too. I'm gonna try to see if I can make some more games for you all. It's pretty busy lately, so I'll try my best.


Posted by stewardhklarlover - October 27th, 2017

Dewjarls Gaming is now in the process of being sold. I expect to turn over the reigns of Dewjarls Castle on 1/1/18. At that point, Dewjarls shall be someone else's. I will then proceed to push forth Resolamb Castle and Resolamb Gaming to the world. Earthlings, you are in for a real treat! Methinks that you will love the production and quality that comes forth from Resolamb Gaming!

Posted by stewardhklarlover - July 28th, 2017

Wagofjet Gaming has been sold. Okay, this is kind of happening too fast. I think I'm going to try to slow it down a little bit. I'm not used to this level of success. I like the Fame, but just not so fast. One notch lower. Now I want to sell Dewjarls Gaming. Sometime before 2021. It'll easily get sold before then.

Posted by stewardhklarlover - April 30th, 2017

Well, just sold Poshlume. Now I don't have to stress over it anymore. Feels great! And as Destiny would have it, I've found a new computer gaming company. They'll pay me money for my game if they like it. I just sent it in to them. Hopefully they like it! I'm curious as to how much they'll pay me for my newest and latest game. Will it be $1,000? Will it be $3,000? Will it be $10,000? (If so, that's more than what I sold Poshlume for! That would be insane!)

I would tell you who the company is. However, I'm not going to. If they reject my game, then I think I will tell you. No point in really keeping you from it if they reject me. That way at least you could have a shot at it. However, if they accept my game, then...well, I think I would tell you. I'd be so happy from getting paid that I honestly think I would tell you. Oh, man! I can't wait to hear back from them! I hope they like my game. It's very different from what I've done in the past. I would tell you the title of my newest game, but I don't wanna jinx it. 2017 is bringing in that money for a hardworking Black Jew such as myself. I gots them Jewish connections, baby! I gots tha hookup!


Yo, I'm tired of waiting on them. I'm not waiting on that computer gaming company any longer. I guess I just don't have enough patience or something! So, my game was still in the waiting process when I took it off the list. I don't have any regrets for doing that. So I've actually released it to you guys and gals. It's called ZionAncientz 2037. I hope you like my game! Hey, at least I know that at least 2 of you will play it and enjoy it.


Posted by stewardhklarlover - April 15th, 2017

The Dewjnet is available. They are at my qwadvekt site, Protector of Reso Froth.

Posted by stewardhklarlover - February 11th, 2017

My wife and I have learned our lesson. What's so awesome is that her dad is so frickin' amazing. My dad in law is off the charts, yo. He's helped us out with a ton of money considering the mistakes my wife and I have made on this house thing. Thousands of dollars. If it weren't for him, my wife and I wouldn't be able to downsize as easily. He's paying off the house note. All she and I have to do is find a new house now. Then we'll sell the old house. I can't wait until my wife and I get our newest home! We're gonna make sure it's less than half the price of the one we're living in now. Like I said, her dad is uber awesome. There are just some people in life that you come across that just amaze you with their generosity. Her dad has always been there for us. I'm telling ya, it just surprises me that a old school white dude would help a Black Jewish dude like me. Much respect to my dad in law, yo.

He'll always have a place to stay at our new home.


Posted by stewardhklarlover - November 4th, 2016

I stand up against the evil of Masknetic Intwine.

We, the humans, have already destroyed Zoney. Yes, we obliterated the Red One. Now, we no longer have to worry about the Jasper or the Red onslaught. However, the other 2 space aliens, even more powerful, are still alive. We must destroy them.

I pray that I will be strong enough to never quit this fight. If I should die, then I die. However, I know that it is meant for me to live to at least the age of 76. That way, I can see to it that Crone and Skybrid are destroyed.

My Prayer is that I stay true to God and Jesus Christ. I will never join the ranks of Satan. Lucifer is evil, and I will not join his side. I fight the alien forces of evil.

Posted by stewardhklarlover - September 23rd, 2016

Dear King Boobee Victor Lar,

I received a package from ZionAncientz. I sent it back as return to sender. I have never requested anything from Dewjarls Castle!

I am asking you to stop sending me anything!

I do not want any communication of any sort from you or Dewjarls Castle!

Please take my name off any list you have me on! Make this priority!


Posted by stewardhklarlover - September 10th, 2016

Beestmeel Bro must listen to Sophdual and Ghone. Beestmeel Bro is tired of his life. Why? Because this evil world just cheats like a booty.

It is my duty to leave humanity with as many Dewj Froth Books as I can. Do not join the Crystal Skulls. Do not unite them. I warn you, humans. Never unite the Crystal Skulls. Do not unite them. If you do? You will curse the earth. They contain evil information. If you join them, they will make a second net, a second web, much worse than your Internet.

They will give you information that is linked to the Mark of the Beast. 666. Why do you think there are 13? They will trap you in an evil web. Do not test those waters. They are skulls for a reason.




Posted by stewardhklarlover - July 15th, 2016

"Jews should not kill Jews. We must unite."




Now another war begins. 2 Jewish dudes stay up into the wee hours of the night playing the 12 Games of 2032. They work hard to decipher all of the Dewj Froth Codes in order to keep humanity safe. Husband Robot has control of the Jasper Tiger Death Sword.